inspired by the human-ocean connection

what is your relationship to water?

From cold plunging to diving mermaids, to tasting oysters and bottled water, season one documents conversations with inspiring individuals who I have met on my path through work in the world of ocean conservation. Finding unique and unexpected ways that water is more pervasive in our lives than we may realize and inspiring a deeper connection to our ocean and the waterways that lead us there.

a podcast by loless blue beauty

bodies of water

Bodies of Water by Loless Blue Beauty is an ocean literacy podcast that explores the human-ocean connection through inspiring conversations, ideation and storytelling. We welcome water enthusiasts, conservationists and citizen scientists from all different backgrounds to discuss their passion, their work and connection to our world's bodies of water. Our goal is to inspire the design of better and more responsible experiences, businesses and solutions for all of us on this blue planet.

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