a sustainable shave for bodies of water - yours and our planet's

Save your skin and the ocean with Loless No-Rinse Hydrashave Gel. A conscious and convenient solution everyday or on-the-go.

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would you dry shave to save the ocean

Shave time off of your shower by not shaving in the shower?

We promise a more convenient, and conscious shave for your skin, the ocean and the waterways that lead there. Curious as to how? Join the wait and the waterless wave below.

inspired by the human x ocean connection

what if dry shaving was no longer just for emergencies but was actually a better, soothing shave for your skin?

Missed a spot or forgot to shave? Now you can enjoy a quickie, soothing dry shave on-the-go with with our convenient, no-rinse formulas. Our waterless hydrashave gel replicates a wet shave that hydrates and moisturizes your skin with no need to rinse anything but your razor. Join the wait so that you can jump on the waterless wave and stay up-to-date on our launch.

think about it

shaving is skincare. save your skin and the ocean.

Less irritation, more hydration

Let's face it. If shaving is your thing, it can be tough on your skin. From itching, ingrown hairs, razor burn other things, we are working towards a better, soothing shave for your skin.

Conscious x Convenience

We are pretty laissez-faire about our body hair, but not when it comes to the environment. No water, no problem. We don't think that you should ever have to sacrifice, convenience for a conscious solution. No access to water? No problem. Too lazy to get into the shower (same)? No big deal. Shave anytime, anywhere (well, within reason). Just because it's convenient, doesn't mean it's appropriate.

At home or on-the-go

Whether its your work or your adventures that take you around the world, we could all do a little better to move through it more consciously. Stop sacrificing the only skin we are in while out and about, chasing your next adventure.

why #gololess?

lo'less means waterless, get it? (lo, l'eau, h20)

no rinse, shower or water needed!

water footprint

less water

97% of the world's water is salinated seawater. With access to less than 1% of freshwater, we must use our water resources responsibly. This means, our products are waterless in manufacturing, in formulation and conveniently for you, in use. Shave anytime, anywhere - at home or on-the-go. No rinse, water or shower needed #noloneeded

packaging x razors x the ocean

less plastic

The beauty industry produces produces an estimated 120 billion beauty packages each year and most of them from virgin plastic ending in up in a landfill. Not to mention, disposable razors and replaceable heads among other hard to recycle products end up in a landfill.

carbon footprint

less waste

Everything must go somewhere. So beyond shorter showers, water safe ingredients, re-usable packaging and restoring what we take from nature, sustainaility is in our DNA. We are taking small actions to build a conscious company from day one to inspire the next wave of concious consumers and citizens.

meet Amanda, founder and divemaster working to keep you smooth and the ocean clean